Hey September
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Hey September


I would like to formally welcome Perrin Briar to Darkness Beckons, if you click the following links, here & here, you can see the great reviews he has written for us already, and I hope many more to come.

Perrin Amazon.

As those of us who frequent Goodreads on a regular basis know all too well, the reviewers on the site can be brutally – no holds barred honest. So if the majority are good you know that is likely to be true.

If you would like to join him in offering your creative writing or reviewing skills to us, we would be delighted to talk to you; for more information click this link.


Yes, I did spend a greater part of August in Edinburgh at the various festivals, Edinburgh Fringe, Edinburgh Book Festival and the ordinary Edinburgh Festival. Whilst there I learnt that although camera phones have enabled 97% of the population that own them to take more or less decent photos, I belong to that other stubborn 3%. So if you are looking for the personal pics or it didn’t happen, you are out of luck.

Special mention for two particular shows, Leodo Paradise Lost, a beautiful show performed by a theatre collective from South Korea, Norian Maro. We journey with a young girl’s ghost to paradise. It was loud, vibrant and colourful, and it made me smile throughout, no easy task.

Also to the more downbeat, The Road to Skibbereen, a heartfelt comedy/drama about a young girl with learning difficulties who has to grow up suddenly. It was extremely moving and well acted.

Leodo Paradise Lost

Leodo Paradise Lost. Credit: Norian Maro theatre collective


If you missed the festivals this time you have a little bit of time to book flights and hotels for next year.


Word of warning to any ladies in particular, wear flat shoes, Edinburgh is an extremely hilly city and I don’t mean little bumps in the road either. Also, to everyone take an umbrella, it could be raining one minute followed by strong sunshine the next.

If you have a tendency towards agoraphobia, but still determined to attend, it is best to avoid Friday, Saturday and Sundays.


You can book tickets for most fringe events in advance of course, but if you are on the look out for some real bargains, wait until the morning of the day the show you want to watch is on and head to the Virgin Half-Price Hut at the Mound Precint, Princess Street, EH1 1YZ.

Whilst your there, you will also see lots of street performers, some street food vendors, and you are surrounded by restaurants and shops selling all sorts.

There will be lots of people giving out flyers all over the city, and a great many of them will gather in this spot as they have a captive audience, you. It won’t hurt you to take a few cards and listen to what they have to say, many of them are the performers in the shows that you are going to see. It also will not hurt for you to be aware that sometimes just striking up a conversation could get you less half price of your ticket to their show.

There are several festivals during the summer in Edinburgh, with the fringe being the largest by far.







In July:



What is so exciting about September, exactly?

Ah September, home to National Teddy Bear day (USA), National Peanut Day (USA), National read a Book Day (USA), Wonderful Weirdos Day (seriously, Austin, USA), and Iguana Awareness Day (Iguanaland). Not to discount the evermore historically important days of V-J Day and September 11th.

Squirrels make deposits at the –

2013 Gurning Winners

2013 Gurning Winners. Credit: www.egremontcrabfair.com

No, I will not be taking part this year or any other.


It has been almost 1 year since Darkness Beckons started. Another 28 days to go before our anniversary. If there is one thing I have learnt above all else, it is that I like to say yes far far too often. I have a pile of paperbacks and my Kindle is full to bursting with all the books I have already agreed to review.

I am afraid it is time to start saying no to certain requests for reviews, even when a publicist from Pan Macmillian is hovering, (I said yes).




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Hey September
Hey September

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